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Steam's Winter Sale Has Started

Thousands of games on sale

Steam's autumn sale or Thanksgiving sale or whatever it was has barely just ended, but 'tis is the season to spend to spend wildly so hey: the Steam winter sale is now on. Head on over to Steam to see an awful lot of video games sold for cheaper than they were yesterday. Once the site recovers from the hordes flooding it, I mean.

This year's winter sale is, like the autumn sale, fairly restrained. You won't find a billion daily deals, flash sales, and minigames giving coins you swap for gems which you can craft into trading cards which you can craft into badges which increase your coin drop rate. Well, it does have some of that stuff - but it's far more optional. You can get free Steam trading cards each day by flicking through your discovery queue, and these cards can be crafted into a badge, but that just gives you Steam XP (sometimes I forget how much gamifying shite Valve have added) and chat emoticons and stuff. Check the FAQ for more on that. And each day will bring a new page of a comic about a hardboiled gingerbread gumshoe. That's about it.

It seems Valve are pushing their fancy-and-much-improved-but-still-inadequate automated tools for introducing people to games they might like. Try looking at our Steam curator page, your recommendations, your discovery queue, your wishlist, or, heck, just remember which games you'd like to buy or ask your pals for tips.

As ever, I recommend Deadly Premonition for £1.99. That doesn't mean I'm your pal, mind. You're not invited round for Christmas dinner.

The sale will end at 10am PST on Monday, January 4th (that's 6pm our time).

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