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The Steam Game Festival just served up 500 demos to dig into

A buffet of upcoming games to sample

Are you ready to be overwhelmed by an abundance of choice? Good, because the next Steam Game Festival just kicked off with over 500 demos for you to try out. Or, like me, think very hard about trying out for an entire week before realising you've missed it. Whoops. If you're not the trying type, well there are developer livestreams to watch as well. The festival just launched and runs through next Tuesday, February 9th.

As with past Steam Game Festivals, this one has a whole slew of upcoming games of all types for you to to check out. You can keep track of everything available and catch those developer livestreams on the official Steam Game Festival page. You may find something you've had an eye on suddenly has a demo available, or better yet you might discover something new that you'd like to keep tabs on after giving it a go.

Cover image for YouTube videoSteam Game Festival: February 2021 Edition

The trailer just here gives you a quick look at some of what's coming, from the likes of silly co-op 'em up Fling To The Finish to the witchy RPG Black Book. If you need help sifting through all the options, not to worry. Alice B will be sorting out some recommendations for you.

By the by, there's a Steam sale likely following right on the heels of the festival. The folks of SteamDB are pretty sure that the Lunar New Year sale will begin on February 11th, two days after the Game Festival wraps. Good thing we're practicing our decision making skills ahead of time.

The Steam Game Festival has officially begun as of 6pm GMT (10am PST) today and will run until those same hours on Tuesday, February 9th.

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