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Steam is holding a JRPG sale this week

It's not all porn, but a lot is porn

Steam started a week-long "JRPG sale" last night, offering discounts on hundreds of games, some of which are RPGs, and some of which are even Japanese. The theme is broad but the deals are solid, including 80% off Valkyria Chronicles 4, 50% off Chrono Trigger, 45% off Yakuza: Like A Dragon, and hundreds more discounts. Heck, even RPG Maker is on sale, so you can make your own JRPG, and then sell it on Steam, and then join in the next JRPG sale.

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Hit Steam's JRPG Sale page for the overview and a pretty forest. With 841 items discounted, it'll run until 10am Pacific on Monday the 21st.

Do look beyond the sale page for deals too, mind. For example, Steam's JRPG Sale page says Yakuzas 3 through LAD are on sale, but Yakuza 0 has a 75% discount right now too. I strongly recommend Yakuza 0. I will always recommend Yakuza 0. Buy Yakuza 0. And while some Capcom games are officially part of the JRPG Sale, Capcom are holding a wider sale including more games right now on Steam too (including 50% off Resident Evil Village).

In short, do also check your wishlist and any Japanese games you've had an eye on. And maybe you, reader dear, would like to recommend games to all of us? Make your case!

A friendly word of warning for anyone who, like me, often forgets they enabled Steam's option to show 'Adult Only' games: don't go idly clicking. Goodness me those links are a minefield. Or a moundfield.


I'll see myself out.

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