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Cheeky Monkeys: Steam Lunar New Year Sale Is On

Over 9,000 discounts - NOT A MEME

Happy Chinese New Year! We're now in the Year of the Monkey, and Valve have realised this is a fine opportunity for another sale. Like the Gregorian New Year sale which ended ooh just over a month, the Lunar New Year Sale doesn't have daily deals, flash deals, games, or any of that guff which confuses and frustrates people who don't want to watch check Steam every 12 hours. No, you'll simply find 9,279 things on sale.

The sale started on Friday, after we'd clocked off, and will run until 6pm (10am PST) this Friday.

But how will you find good games without flash deals to catch your eye? Follow our Steam curator page to see some games we've dug, or maybe the Discovery Queue is a bit less rubbish now, or listen to trusty fellow readers (hello you in the comments!) who I'm sure will recommend bargains. Heck, our winter sale recommendations still mostly work - only now Spelunky is even cheaper and Pillars of Eternity is a touch more expensive.

Valve have seemed pretty pleased with this sale format, saying it helped smaller games and got people digging deeper rather than simply checking the latest deals on a timer. I suppose they're also training people to use parts of Steam they'd like us to use more, all year round. Me, I'm glad I don't feel a need to keep checking in, and don't go looking up on sites to see if a game's already been in a flash sale or what. There are games on sale cheap, and I can buy them if I want. You know, I think I just might.

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