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Steam's summer sale has started

Sales! Sales! Sales!

Welcome to the Level-Up Mega Zone. Spin your cap backwards, grab your skateboard, and prepare to gleam the cube as Steam's summer sale goes live. Several thousand video games are now on sale, many of them absurdly cheap. If you want to hang with the keyboard cowboys in the 500+ club, now is your chance to buy a great many video games for not much money. Or to buy one video game you've been hoping would become cheaper. Or buy none. It's your life, pal. Just ask yourself: are you living it to the cybermax?

For people who missed the minigames and guff of some past Steam sales, this year's summer sale has a sticker book.

The Steam Summer Sale sticker book contains sixteen virtual scenes -- from a sunny beach to a tents in the woods -- with stickers to collect for each. The book comes blank, and stickers are unlocked by completing 'Quests'. As summer quests go, they're not very exciting. They include looking through your Discovery Queue, checking out your Store Preferences, and generally mucking about with Steam stuff.

I'll give my own stickers to people who complete better quests, such as picking up a dead starfish found on a beach, rolling down a hill, and buying me an ice cream. Magnum Black Espresso would be grand, thanks.

My sale recommendation, as always, is to buy Deadly Premonition for £1.99. It is one of the best games and also a terrible game, and that tension is enough to make some people loathe it. And you need a mod to change resolution. But it is wonderful. And rubbo. But definitely wizzo. At £2, it's worth a punt.

Our boy Brendy will have some fresher recommendations in a bit, once he's done interviewing someone over the roaring sound of a chainsaw (true story), and tomorrow we might all comb through the sale like a circle of chimps looking for delicious lice.

The sale will end on Wednesday the 5th of July.

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