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Steam Ultro-Discount #3 - Torchlight, VVVVVV

This is my job now. I tell you what's discounted on Steam, which ones are best, and link to them. Would you like me to dance for you? Would you? Fine. [Shuffles awkwardly, humming Lady Gaga.] Happy now? ARE YOU?

Yes, day three of the Steam sale is on. Highlight is - once again - the indie bundle, this time designated 'Clever' and offering VVVVVV, Eufloria, World of Goo, Doc Clock and Iron Grip: Warlord for £4/$5. Crissakes! Crazy-cheap!

Also touched by the hand of Sale-o-tron are (deep breath):

Torchlight, £3.75 (ace)
Blur, £10 (good, underrated, should probably be cheaper)
ArmA II, £10 (incredible if you have the patience to learn it. I don't)
Empire: Total War, £10 (notorious)
Tropico 3, £7.50 (er. The first one's good?)
DOW2 Gold, £13.60 (I really dig this, especially the Chaos Rising addon)
Machinarium, £3.75 (charming)
Burnout Paradise Ultimate, £7.49 (John loves it, I find it a bit sterile)

Those are, of course, objective and empirically proven judgments: 100% relevant to all humankind in every way and certainly not reflecting simply personal opinion. It would be ludicrous to claim that games journalism was ever anything like the latter. Ludicrous. Ludicrous.

Giftpacks are Freedom Force, Portal, Empire TW and Chaos Rising. The latter's the one I'd suggest you all get together on for multi-fun.

If none of those take your fancy, might I direct your attention to Direct2Drive - one in five of all orders made is free. So if you buy a game from them, you have a 20% chance of getting it for free. Is that right? I'm terrible at maths.

So that Black Friday stuff, hey. What did you buy? I bought a pint of beer and some paracetamol, but not in that order before you judge me.

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