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Steam's Big Picture Enters Wide Release: Big Sale

I'd forgotten Steam's Big Picture Mode wasn't properly out already. Does anyone still run a non-beta version of Steam? Why would you? Madness in your head? But it was, and now it is no longer. The version of the software that runs comfortably on your TV, and operates nicely with a controller, is now there for all. And to celebrate, a lot of actually really very good games are very, very cheap until the 10th. Games that are appropriate for sitting on your sofa, a 360 controller in hand, while attractive locals fan you with palm fronds.

Amongst those cheap games are Valve classics like Left 4 Dead for only £3.24 and Portal 2 for an extraordinary £3.74. Although I think you'd be mad to want to play either on a controller. Both of the absolutely stunning Lego Harry Potter games are there, the first for £3.39, the second for £5.09. Also in Lego is the complete Lego Star Wars - that's all four of the epic, excellent games, for £7.49. Crikey.

Counter-Strike GO, again not striking me as a game to prefer a controller for, is six quid. Magicka is only two pounds! And Alan Wake is down to under six pounds. Bonkers. Of course, the games that would totally become worth a play once they dropped below £10 haven't, so the surprisingly decent Amazing Spider-Man could have done with being cheaper than £12.50, and Transformers needed to dip well below £15. Although one game that's totally entered "Get it NOW!" territory is the extremely flawed, but totally worth a look, Tiny & Big, which is at a crazy £1.74.

There are a bunch more in there - 21 in total. And obviously I've only listed UK prices above, because you know what America? When did your sites last bother listing anything other than dollars? Eh? NEVER, that's when. (Sorry Europe, ROW.)

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