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Steam’s Enter The Dragon showcase of Chinese devs and publishers starts today

A week-long festival of upcoming games and demos from China starts today

A week-long festival highlighting the work of Chinese developers begins on Steam today, organised by publisher Pixmain. Enter The Dragon lines up a load of streams on Steam and over at Pixmain's Twitch channel to show off Chinese-developed indies like the spooky looking SCP: Secret Files, and plenty of demos to take a crack at. Think I’ll be installing My Time At Portia follow-up My Time At Sandrock and roguelike cyberpunk platformer Loopmancer this weekend.

Steam and Pixmain have handily broken down the games featured among Enter The Dragon into some lovely coloured dragons themed around genres, so if you’re into horror you can check out the Black Dragon or the Yellow Dragon if puzzles and narrative appeal. They’re flogging three ‘Way of the’ bundles at a discount too, themed around mind, spirit and fist.

You might have heard Pixmain’s name before thanks to Inked: A Tale of Love, which was re-released in an enhanced form last August. Alice B took a look at it at the time and thought it was “well worth a go”.

People in China were having a bit of trouble accessing Steam at the start of the year, leading to speculation that a ban was incoming after the launch of Steam China. The Chinese government has a track record of acting against indies as well, which Khee Hoon Chan found when they spoke to developers, and Polygon reported back in January that 14,000 gaming-related companies had deregistered since August due to the government's stringent guidelines on what it finds acceptable content in games.

The Enter The Dragon showcase presentation begins at 7pm PDT/3am BST. The festival runs until April 29th.

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