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Steam's latest experiment is a way to discover DLC for games you already own

Buy stuff for the stuff you bought

Steam's various discovery hubs are normally designed to steer you towards new games you might like to buy. The latest experiment from Steam Labs, however, is a DLC Discovery Hub. It offers up a tailored list of additional content you might be interested in for games you already own, and prioritises those you've played recently or played most.

You can check out your own DLC Discover Hub here.

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The page highlights some popular DLC for games you own along the top, and then has a list below of other pieces of DLC. You can switch it from being ordered by "recently played first" or "most played first".

Things I learned: I have no interest in any DLC for any game, no matter how much I love that game. The onslaught of stuff is off-putting, and the near-identical thumbnails, inscrutable names, and store pages more concerned with lore than explanations don't help. Do I want to buy the Slimjim Pack, which adds 3 new in-game items made by Gadz00ks Corp, the in-world evil organisation that was featured in level 2 but which I've never consciously heard of before? No? What if there's a screenshot of a man in a cowl - what about now? It's four quid.

I am interested in the numbers at the top, which tell you how many games and pieces of DLC are in your library, and how many pieces of DLC are available for those games in total. I apparently have 867 games in my Steam library and 1072 pieces of DLC. 1072! Can I have a Discovery Hub just for DLC I already own, please, because I couldn't name what five of those 1072 things are. Have I been getting wine drunk and blowing all my money on PDF artbooks or what?

If you have feedback of your own, you can offer it up to Valve via the Steam forums. How much experiments like this get used determines whether they become permanent parts of the Steam store, or whether they get taken offline. You can see all past and present experiments here.

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