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Steam's latest experiment makes category pages a lot better

With nicer recommendations

Valve have launched another Steam Labs Experiment, this time focused on "Store Hubs". If you join Steam Labs Experiment 13, Steam's category and tag pages will be updated to more clearly highlight personalised game recommendedations with richer information about each game.

You can join the experiment by hitting this link while signed into Steam in your browser, or by opening the link within Steam's own web browser. Afterwards, try visiting a category or tag page to see the changes.

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Right at the top of those pages, you'll now see a carousel of personalised game recommendations that includes a micro-trailer, release date, review score and more about the game. It's a nicer way to make a decision about a recommendation than just having a handful of screenshots to go by. If I hit the JRPG category, I get a slick recommendation for Super Robot Wars 30 and, uh, FFXIV. Let's ignore that the latter isn't currently available to buy.

Scroll down those same pages and you'll find other new additions. There's now a shelf showing recent & upcoming events, letting you see news and updates for the games within that category. Games from your wishlist are also listed, and the full list of that category's games found at the bottom can now be filtered using the tools introduced in a previous experiment. That includes the ability to filter games based on features and tags.

Not every Steam Lab Experiment has been adopted into a permanent feature, but some have, incrementally making it easier to find games within Steam's growing library. Experiment 13 isn't a huge change, but it's a set of sensible additions that make it a little easier to see what's new with a particular type of game. You can read a few more details about the experiment on the Steam blog.

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