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Steam's top new releases for April has remasters and some actual surprises

It is nice seeing the small games on the big list

The time of the month has come for Steam to roll out their biggo blog post and sale page for top new releases on their store for the prior month. Not every month brings a terribly interesting bunch, but this does have a couple smaller surprises. The remasters you were waiting for nabbed a spot as expected, but there are also spots earned by games you might not have heard of—a retro-future hidden role game, for instance.

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In case you had any doubt, Outriders did indeed claim a spot, as did Nier: Replicant. For further remaster wins, Total War: Rome Remastered and SaGa Frontier Remastered made the list too. Those all fall pretty well into what I'd have expected for last month.

What's more interesting, by my mind, are some of the lesser known games that have managed to claw a spot on the list. If the oh so many big game delays from last year that trended into this year have one definite positive side effect, it's leaving room for smaller games that would have otherwise gotten pushed out.

Cozy Grove is one such, a cute little collection and life sim game with shades of Animal Crossing. It did in fact make it on RPS's list of top games for April to watch out for. It appears that folks did indeed watch out for it, and it's snagged an over all "very positive" user review rating on Steam.

Hack and slach 'em up dungeon crawler The Slormancer is another that I'm surprised but glad to see on the list. The pixel-y action game wears plenty of Diablo inspiration on its sleeve. It's only launched in early access so far, but has also managed to snag a "very possitive" user rating.

Last one before I let you go is yet another surprise. First Class Trouble appears to be Among Us wearing Fallout's clothes. It's a retro-future looking hidden role game about trying to shut down an evil spaceship AI or playing as the imposter robo-humans attempting to get the other passengers killed. That's another one in early access, also with a "very positive" rating, and hey look at that. They've also already released their first game update that adds a botanical garden to the spaceship.

It's pretty swell, overall, seeing games that merit RPS's indiescovery label showing up on the biggo list of big sellers for the month.

If you want to catch Steam's full rundown, remasters and free-to-play and all, that's over in their top releases of April post.

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