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Offblast! Stellaris Patch Coming, And Various Fixes

This might help!

Stellaris [official site] is now out, you might have guessed from Adam's giggles echoing over Manchester. The space strategy game is pret-ty good, he will tell you, though not without a few problems. Unfortunately, that extends to the technical side too. With the game now in the hands of many more people, more problems are coming to light. If you're affected , Paradox have possible solutions and tips that might help a bit. A patch is coming for hitching problems too.

If you're having problems starting the game, Paradox recommend verifying your Steam game cache - the video game equivalent of two aspirin with a glass of water. If it's wonky and you're running in fullscreen mode, trying windowed mode might help. They also explain what to do if you can't reach the game's settings menu. Try those first if you're having wishy-washy problems.

One firm confirmed bug is performance problems popping up as rounds move towards the end-game. "We did find some issues that caused the performance hitches in mid-late game and we have some fixes currently undergoing QA," Paradox community manager 'Escher' explains. Escher added that the patch will "be out as soon as it can be and it makes sense. Could be tomorrow even. Sorry, I have to be vague here, it shouldn't be long though!"

While I'm here, hey, look, it's the launch trailer:

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