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Stellaris: Overlord expansion aims to make being the boss more fun

May make being subjugated more fun, too

Scifi grand strategy Stellaris is getting a new expansion. Called Overlord, it'll expand the role of vassals, add new megastructures, and expand the diplomatic relationships between you and the empires you subjugate while moving to control the galaxy.

Here's the trailer:

Cover image for YouTube videoStellaris: Overlord Expansion | Coming Soon | Wishlist Now

"Overlord’s thematic focus is on exerting your will across the galaxy, the projection of power, and the expansion of civilization under your glorious banner," says Paradox's dev diary announcing the expansion. "The other galactic powers can choose to submit willingly or by force, but they will submit.

"A major goal in this revision was to make subjugation a more valuable and viable system with benefits for both sides, rather than being a delayed 'Game Over' as you wait for Integration should you be subjugated."

There's not a lot of detail yet about exactly how the system will work, but next week will bring information on how vassalization contracts and negotiations work between Overlord and Subject. The expansion also adds new megastructures that allow you to project power "further, faster," five new Origins, and new Enclaves.

As always, Overlord will release alongside a new, free patch for all players. Version 3.4, the "Cepheus" update, is being put together by the 'Custodian' team Paradox formed last year to work on maintaining the game's existing content. So far, that's included reworks and rebalances of the base game, as well as adding new content even to old DLC. It's work that happens alongside the creation of new DLC, so the game, hopefully, doesn't eventually end up a muddle of conflicting and half-broken systems.

Stellaris: Overlord has no release date yet, but is apparently "coming soon". There are more screenshots on its Steam page.

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