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Steven Universe: Save The Light warps onto PC next month

Garnet, Amethyst & Pearl... and Steven!

Steven Universe: Save The Light is coming to PC. Based on the wildly popular Cartoon Network series about a young boy's magical adventures with his gay alien aunts, it's a Paper Mario-inspired lightweight JRPG. Released on PS4 and Xbox One last Autumn, it's written by showrunner Rebecca Sugar and voiced by the cartoon's full cast, and is making the jump to PC next month.

While Steven Universe: Save The Light is a sequel to the smaller mobile RPG Attack The Light, you don't need any prior knowledge of the game to enjoy it. That said, you'll definitely want to have watched at least a couple seasons of the cartoon, which is one of the best things to ever grace kids TV, period. If you've not seen it, the first season is on Netflix and I cannot recommend it highly enough, even if you're above its target age-range. Just judging by the trailer below, this one's going to be spoiler-heavy if you're not caught up.

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As with so many cartoon tie-ins, Save The Light's initial release was accompanied some pretty rough reviews. Interestingly, aside from some grumbles about combat pacing, most complaints revolved around the game being buggy and unstable at launch. While by no means assured, I'm hoping that the extra nine months of development time has provided developers Grumpyface Studios and porting crew Finite Reflection opportunity to cut and polish this one into shape, as the PC announcement tweet hints that other versions may be coming too.

Bugs aside, reviews praised the game for looking and feeling like an interactive extended episode of the cartoon. New villain Hessonite (voiced by Christine Baranski) hams things up with great enthusiasm, while the rest of the cast return to give solid performances. And yes, R&B singer Estelle is present and correct as team leader and heavy-hitter Garnet. Just wouldn't be the same without her.

Steven Universe: Save The Light is due out next month via Steam, although Cartoon Network Games haven't announced a price or release date yet.

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