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Stranded Deep has been released on Game Pass

And five games are leaving the service

Open world island survival game Stranded Deep has arrived on Game Pass, while five other games have been announced as leaving the service on January 15th. The leavers are The Anucrusis, Nobody Saves The World, Trigger Happy Havoc, Windjammers 2, and Pupperazi.

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Stranded Deep went through seven years of early access development before hitting 1.0 in 2022. It's about exploring the sea and surviving underwater as much as on land, with an otherwise now-typical mix of animals to hunt, trees to chop and items and buildings to craft. It does have some great sharks, though.

The leavers run the gamut, genre-wise, between co-op shooter (The Anacrusis), dog photography (Pupperazi) and arcade disc sport (Windjammers 2). If you have time to squeeze in just one before it vanishes in 12 days, I'd recommend Nobody Saves The World, an action-RPG from the makers of Guacamelee! in which you can mix-and-match abilities between slugs, ghosts, dragons and various other creatures. Ed liked it in his Nobody Saves The World review.

Microsoft haven't announced the rest of January's slate of new Game Pass games yet, although previous announcements mean we already know Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden are coming to the service on January 19th.

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