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Strange Brigade breaking out of sarcophagus in August

Life's a witch queen

Why didn’t the Mummy go to the party? Because she had no body to oh no I’ve fudged it. Forever getting my skellingtons and mummies mixed up, me. But here are four Egyptologists less likely to misclassify their cadavers. Strange Brigade was announced last summer - a pulpy 4-player shoot ‘n’ loot set in a 1930s of unapologetic empire maintenance. You play a group of artefact stealers fighting against lots of dusty proto-zombos. Today, Rebellion (developers of Sniper Elite and the Nazi Zombie Army spin-offs) have announced a release date of August 28, and blown the tomb dust off a story trailer, which lurks below.

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Wacky Queen Seteki, what is she like. While this trailer leans less heavily on the “lol empire” angle of previous videos, it also doesn’t tell us anything particularly new, nor show much of what the running and gunning looks like. For that, you might want to look at earlier demo footage picked up by Pip. It involves third-person shotgunning, door unlocking, grenade-chucking, weapon upgrading, ability triggering, and “high priest mummy chaps” with the ability to raise other minions. All occurring in shootout environments with traps and explosives that can hurt both you and your toilet-paper-covered foes. The purpose? To get stuff.

It’s not resurrecting my inner Imhotep, I must admit, even if it does look shiny and cartoony. The best thing about Ancient Egyptian tombs are usually the curses that follow those who plunder, all the way back to their tea rooms and lawn parties. But of course, if you’re looking for more zombies to idly shoot with pals, I can see why this could fall within that comfort zone.

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