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Strategy RPG Songs Of Conquest lays out roadmap for final months of early access

New campaigns, modes and more

Songs Of Conquest's developers have laid out its 2023 roadmap, which will take it from its current early access state all the way to version 1.0 sometime this autumn. Along the way the strategy RPG will receive a finalised map editor, new maps, campaigns, and units, a co-op skirmish mode, and regular AI improvements.

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The major addition is that of two new campaigns: Barony Of Loth, due to arrive in the spring, and the Barya campaign, aiming for release in the autumn. Those will bring the game's total campaigns up to four. Songs Of Conquest will receive a new 'Battlegrounds' mode this year, which will allow players to skip the kingdom management and building parts of the game in favour of pure turn-based battling.

Developers Lavapotion are also hoping to extend the life of the game via a random map generator, and by continuing to refine its map editor so that players can create their own campaigns.

"Now, we want to emphasize that this is a living document," says Lavapotion in the roadmap post. "Things might be added to the plan as we move forward, but the things listed are the key elements towards the full release."

Songs Of Conquest is so pretty to look at that I want so badly for it to be good. According to Sin, it already is, as she wrote in her Songs Of Conquest early access review. I'm excited to see it grow into its final form over the course of the year.

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