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Cross-Platform Punching In Street Fighter V

The game's officially announced now

When the announcement of Street Fighter V leaked on Friday, Capcom scrambled around trying to scour the Internet of all the grainy copies of a video which didn't say much beyond: Street Fighter V exists, and is coming to PC and PS4. They've gotten around to announcing SF5 now though, a process which involves a new gameplay trailer and word that- ooh! It'll have cross-platformer multiplayer across PC and PS4. That's unexpected, that.

I don't know much more about the game than that, though. That's partially because Capcom are being secretive, and partially because I don't know SF nearly well enough to spot things in the trailer. What I get out of it is mostly "Crumbs, that's a gorgeous level!" You might find the musings of fightfans Shoryuken more enlightening. They're speculating about things like stage transitions, guard breaks, powering up, juggles, air combos and something called a "Denjin Hadoken".

Here's the new gameplay trailer so you can have a gander yourself:

Capcom's blog also has a handful few screenshots. The company aren't yet saying when they plan to release Street Fighter V, but they'll give the game its first public demonstration at the Capcom Cup grand finals next Saturday, which will be livestreamed.

And here's that announcement trailer about passion and all that jazz again:

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