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Stylish vampire-blasting Max Payne-a-like El Paso, Elsewhere drops its release date in a hip-hop AMV

Beats, blood and bullet time arrive in September

The player character dives sideways while firing twin pistols at a monster in a bloodied room in El Paso, Elsewhere
Image credit: Strange Scaffold

El Paso, Elsewhere has looked great since the moment it first dived, slowly, into view back in 2021. A little over two years later, the Max Payne-styled vampire-slaying slo-mo-shooter continues to look incredibly stylish as it drops its release date alongside an AMV for one of its hip-hop OST’s original tracks.

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El Paso, Elsewhere follows perpetually horizontal hero James Savage on a sometimes fast, often slo-mo adventure to slay his ex-girlfriend-slash-vampire-lord Draculae before she conducts some kind of terrible ritual to doom the world.

On his trip through a very Max Payney motel in the titular Texan town, James will blast a whole bunch of monsters in his way - including the likes of mummies, werewolves and biblically-accurate angels - often with a pistol in each hand (of course), while necking pills for the pain and launching himself sideways into that familiar bullet time pose.

A screenshot of El Paso, Elsewhere showing what looks like a graveyard with low resolution textures. A man lies on his back on the ground firing akimbo pistols at a shambling monster.

It’s all very neo-noir and all very Max Payne, if you’re not getting that. It’s also all very, very stylish, with PS1-esque graphics and a soundtrack comprised of original hip-hop tracks.

One of those tracks is performed by Xalavier Nelson Jr., studio head of devs Strange Scaffold, voice of James and occasional RPS contributor of ye olden dayes, along with musician RJ Lake. Stay Awake’s new animated music video also revealed El Paso, Elsewhere’s release date: September 26th.

It’s gritty, moody and crammed full of the visual flash and genre-happy violence you’d expect. If it whets your taste for more blood, beats and bullet time, El Paso, Elsewhere’s Next Fest demo can still be downloaded over on its Steam page.

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