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Subnautica: Below Zero delivers the goods in a big underwater truck

Antarctican Space-Truck Simulator

The first big update for Subnautica: Below Zero is out now. Unknown Worlds have added new areas, new sea-life, and a big modular submarine truck to build in their early access survival adventure. The Seatruck update introduces your un-glamorous flagship vessel of this new game, an upgradable hauler that starts out with just a front cab, but you can add extra holds with new functions. There's two new biomes inhabited by new creatures, such as the massive, toothsome Squidshark. It may not be creatively named, but it can still kill you. See it and more in motion below.

Before diving deep, they've added another surface island, this one pre-equipped for hauling cargo into space. Once that's explored, the depths hold new terrors, although one of the new alien sea-creatures, amusingly called a Seamonkey, is just going to annoy the heck out of you. They've got bright eyes and grasping little hands, which they'll use to snatch equipment away from you to add to their hoard of other shiny objects. Imagine if a Magpie, a raccoon and a dolphin got into a three-way transporter accident and you'll probably have something of equal capacity for irritation, but maybe less cute.

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The new Thermal Spires region is a fresh home for some previously present creatures like Rockpunchers (imagine a mantis shrimp the size of a rhino) and Bonesharks. Meanwhile, the Deep Twisty Bridges look more scenic, deeper, darker, and apparently are filled with grasping flora that grabs at unwary swimmers. The titular Seatruck seems almost the least impressive thing in this update, but seems practical. Onto its cab, you can bolt fabricator, storage and aquarium modules, with more chunks planned for future updates. The bigger it gets, the slower and heavier it becomes, of course.

The Seatruck update is live now, and you can see the full update page here. You can find Subnautica: Below Zero on Steam, Humble, Discord and Epic for £15.49/€16.79/$19.99. Unknown Worlds reckon there's at least another year of development until it leaves early access.

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