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Sunny Day Sky: Ultrakiss Webgame Hugs

Being the webgame adventures of a tiny, hypercute bear flying through the air like a limited Mary Poppins while listening to the most splendid music in a videogame since Portal. Simon Parkin passed it to me, and I passed it to Alec, who uttered LET'S MEME THIS FUCKER UP. And so we do. Talking about its charms a little beneath the cut, but - really - just get playing.

My favourite thing about the game - if you put aside the music, whose cheery loop has the period retro-charm of a Bioshock without trying to undercut it. Oh - and the graphics, whose pastel loveliness is cleansing and pure, and kind of helps sell the careful simplicity of game. Oh - and that I'm better than Walker at it.

Well, my favourite thing is despite being a game with two controls - open umbrella, close umbrella - no-one works out how to play it immediately. Goz describes me revealing how you actually get an enormous score multiplier, so the student becoming the Sensei. The realisation: By closing and re-opening your umbrella you can catch another gust of wind and take to the sky, turning the game from one primarily about timing jumps into timing your rise and fall to avoid the swans and pick up the bonuses.

And you have to play together for win. Clearly, the comments thread should be devoted to people going "Ah!" and listing their high scores.

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