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Tinkle Tinkle Little Star: Musical Space In Sunrose

Stars sing your name

Somewhere in Sunrose [official site] is a star named after you. That's the sort of grand claim I understand space games make nowadays. Not that Sunrose creator Tak does claim that - it's just me gobbing off - but might be justified if he chose to. Its musical suns are generated based on 7-letter codes you type into it, see. The first star I spawned was ALCERLZ; that sun ruled almost as hard as I do. Sunrose is a splendid little free musical thing I've been fiddling about with, and here's a video to show what it's all about:

Cover image for YouTube video

For folks who can't or won't watch that, in short, Sunrose generates little chiming suns which play tunes as they spin. You can spin 'em hard too, slowly or hard, or just wiggle and make a lot of noise. It's very colourful and soothing and I like it a lot. Which is probably enough of a description for your curiosity to want to see more, or to turn you away. Hey, whichever, man.

I'm reminded of the radio signals stars give out, their hissing and groaning blasted across millions of miles. Those poor, lonely stars, calling out to each other. Only here they yell whichever names and cuss words you've taught it. Actual stars are a bit less musical - check these angry pulsars.

(If you want to see more of the special stars, Tak lists a few codes on the game's page, but more are still secret.)

Thanks to the splendid Forest Ambassador for pointing this one out.

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