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Super Magbot is a platformer with magnets instead of jumping

And it's out now

Super Magbot is one of those platformers with a twist, where the twist is that you can't jump. Instead you draw yourself towards and propel yourself away from differently coloured platforms using magnets. I liked the demo when I played it in April, and the full game is out now.

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Your attraction and repelling is handled using a device you aim at the different coloured platforms, and by distinct button presses. Clearing the deadly traps is as much about remembering what button to press as it is aiming. Each level is only a single screen and restarts are instant, but it's still a hard game that got harder fast during the demo.

Death is difficult platformers always come due to your error: mis-timing a jump, or misjudging the strength required, say. But it is perhaps extra frustrating to die because you forgot whether you need to repel or attract on blue, or forgot how that changes when it's a vertical versus a horizontal platform. Countering that frustration are a set of assist modes that let you turn on mid-level checkpoints, or turn off the limitations on air time or your magnet.

Frustrations aside, I liked my time with Super Magbot. It's clearly inspired by 8 and 16-bit era platformers, but it's core hook is different enough to be interesting. You can pick it up now from Steam with a launch discount that puts the price at £11.59/$14.39/€14.39.

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