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Super Meat Boy meets Portal 2 in Splasher

Splash splosh

What do you get if you blend Dustforce, Super Meat Boy, and Portal 2? A blender full of dust you should avoid inhaling.

What do you get if you blend the fast and deadly platforming of Dustforce and SMB with the magical movement gels of Portal 2? A game a bit like Splasher [official site], maybe. It's an upcoming platformer about a wee fella with a painting bouncing, sticking to walls, and otherwise zooming through deadly levels. Ooh and it's the gamebaby of a chap who worked on the fab recent Raymans. Here, have a look at this trailer:

Or, a description for non-watchers. A bad man in a paint factory is causing trouble so off your little man goes running and jumping and defying deathtraps. Safety inspections really should flag up spinning lasers and unguarded saw blades. He's armed with a paint cannon which can fire different liquids with different powers, like red paint that lets him stick to walls and bouncy orange. Throw all that together and you have a zippy platformer with oooh is that a huge boss battle at the end there? Nice.

Splasher will cost £10.99/14,99€/$14.99 when it arrives on February 7th. It's made by a team including Romain Claude, a designer on Rayman Origins and a level designer for the follow-up Rayman Legumes. He's the big name the marketing throws around, and why not? That's a good history to have in the world of colourful platformers.

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