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Suhwing, Batter: Super Mega Baseball 2 Announced

Take me out

Super Mega Baseball 2 [official site] is sliding our way in 2017, developers Metalhead Software have announced. Adam had brief but positive words to say about the first game, so good! More baseball is good. Don't be misled off by that cartoony art style, mind - it's not quite as arcadey as it looks. The big addition to the sequel is a good'un: online multiplayer.

The sequel will bring more of the same: make your own team, design your logo and uniform, fiddle with players' prettiness, then take yourself out to the ballgame for a bit of the ole 1, 2, 3 strikes - you're out! It's certainly not a sim but it's not Wii Sports baseball either. Here's a chunk of what Adam said about the first:

"Because of the goofy graphics, I expected the baseball equivalent of NBA Jam, with overblown animations and sporting magical realism. Super Mega Baseball is actually a thorough baseball game, action-based with minimal roster management, but with a fairly serious take on the rules and details of play. Baserunners can be controlled, pitching requires strategy as well as accuracy, and batting involves looking at balls (calm down) as well as bunting and swinging for the fences."

This time, you'll get to do that with pals. Super Mega Baseball 2 will pack local and online multiplayer, in both cooperative and competitive forms. That's nice: you can be ballfriends if you want.

Here's a teaser trailer showing not much of anything:

Watch on YouTube

The first game is still £14.99/19,99€/$19.99 on Steam.

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