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Build Fun Sculptures In Super Sculptor!

My career's dead

My career as a sculptor is off to an inauspicious start. Patrons initially enjoyed my forest of green light poles and vision spheres, and beamed when I added video screens, but I started to lose them with the luxury stool. It's a comment on the viewer, yeah? I added a can of diluted syrup next to the stool. They frowned. I put a gloss rock before the stool and a waving hand at crotch level, because patrons just want to look at something pretty while you wank them off, yeah? I lost them. In spite, I put a violence stick in the hand. The final valuation: Raging War For The Us is worth $5418. I'm a failure. Super Sculptor! [official site] is crushing my dreams, man.

Super Sculptor! (exclamation mark and all) is a small free sculpture sandbox by Michael Shillingburg, a challenge to make wonderful art to please critics and make your fortune. Or fail and move back in with your mum, in my case I guess.

You get a base to build upon and thirty-odd objects with fun names like hurt fruit (a pineapple), danger enhancer (spinning saw), police bread (doughnut), and justice enhancer (banging gavel). They can snap onto each, and some bits move so you can create big and weird and exciting colourful kinetic sculptures, which Super Sculptor! will helpfully generator names for. The value goes up as you build away, but audiences are more fickle, their approval wavering as you go.

I don't know what you want.

You don't understand me or my art.

Super Sculptor! is available for Windows and Mac from Itch, pay-what-you-want with no minimum. Have a peek at Shillingburg's own creative process:

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