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Minimalist Footy: Super Sec Soccer

90-second matches with few rules

I've gushed about local multiplayer minimalist sports games before, those lovely games which strip sports down, tossing out slow bits and rebuilding them as frenetic and weird games. It's a pretty great movement/genre/thing. Today brings the release of another reinvented sport, a bouncy version of football this time, in Super Sec Soccer. It offers 90-second matches of 5-a-side where the ball bounces back off boundary lines and the action is never slowed by free kicks, corners, penalties, fouls, or anything. It has matches vs. AI too, but it looks like one best played with a pal.

Beyond movement, Super Sec Soccer has only two action buttons - one to change players, and one to slide. These slide can work out as punting a ball, tackling a player, and other context-sensitive things. 90 seconds of ball-bouncing wacky action sounds ace to me.

Super Sec Soccer is €4.99 (£4) on itch.io. If it gets through Stream Greenlight, developers kingPenguin say you'll get a Steam key too.

Here's the official list of features not in the game:

Free kicks
Half time
Switching sides
A referee (there is a whistle though!)
Assistant refs
Ball out of play
A kick-off
22 players
Boring super defensive matches

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