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Surgeon Simulator 2 is coming to Steam in September

The Epic Store exclusivity is ending

Medical malpractice physics box Surgeon Simulator 2 is finally making its way to Steam. Having served its residency on the Epic Games Store, Surgeon Simulator 2 Access All Areas will be returning the series to Steam in September, with a story mode, four-player co-op and a lot more head bowling than the last game.

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Developers Bossa studios really crammed a lot into the sequel's torso. A story about four friends starting a sort of beginner's hospital for the masses justifies the carnage that follows. People who have almost no control over their limbs attempt surgery on a single human subject. You can play it solo or encourage up to three other players to join you in what looks more like a serial killer practice run than surgery.

There’s a lot more sharing this time around. A sandbox mode enables players to craft single or multiplayer challenges, and you can even build those with friends. If you have any. I don’t think people wearing bloody scrubs and laughing about how they lost a patient's head make pals that easily.

All the bandages wrapped around it since its August 2020 launch on the Epic Store are included, and players from either store will be able to play together, which still surprises me when I feel the need to say it, but that's the world we live in.

I’ve spent months looking for great co-op games and Surgeon Simulator 2 never popped up on my radar. Perhaps it’s a victim of the previous game’s success (we can’t move nowadays for wacky sim games, but back in 2013, Bossa had that market sewn up), or perhaps it’s just as simple as not being on Steam? At least that’ll be remedied soon enough. It’ll be out September 2nd on Steam.

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