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Surreal 2D horror series Midnight Scenes continues with From The Woods

And it's out next week

You might recognise developer Octavi Navorro’s pixel art in Thimbleweed Park, 2017’s detective point-and-clicker. But since then, Navorro has been releasing surreal 2D horror games on an almost annual basis. Navarro’s series Midnight Scenes has been the highlight, having disturbing premises and Twilight Zone creepiness. The newest episode, Midnight Scenes: From The Woods is due on February 9th and it looks as chilling as ever.

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From The Woods is set in Fernwood Creek, a youth mental health centre surrounded by the titular woods. Things go awry with the arrival of a new patient, a quiet boy with a mysterious secret. I'm always a little apprehensive when a horror story tackles mental health, since it's easy to play into tired stereotypes, or blame all of the supernatural scares on a mental illness. That doesn't mean it can't be done tastefully, however, and I like the idea of being trapped in the woods while a creepy kid wreaks havoc.

Apart from that we know basically nothing, which is how I like my horror served. The trailer’s 8-bit tune and nostalgic pixel art shouldn't throw you off guard though, things will definitely take a turn to the dark side in no time. But, we can see our main character walking a leashed goose, so maybe there will be some lightness here anyway.

Kat Brewstar recommended the series on RPS back in 2018, calling them “nothing short of masterpieces.” She continued, “The use of light and sound, timing, cuts, and scenes - each pixel is perfectly placed.”

If you’re in the mood to be spooked Midnight Scenes: The Nanny is available on Steam and Itch for £3.40/€4/$4. The Highway is also on Steam and Itch for £2.50/€3/$3. The newest Midnight Scenes: From The Woods will be available from Febraury 9th.

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