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Surviving The Abyss is a Cold War sim about growing clones under the sea

Surfacing in early access in January

Cloning isn’t the first thing that pops into my mind when I think about the sea. Crabs, oysters, and Captain Birdseye’s crispy fish fingers seem a bit more apt. Subaquatic sim Surviving The Abyss is diving straight into the human genepool when it enters early access on Steam on January 17th, though. The game’s coming from Rocket Flair Studios under the Paradox Arc label launched back in August.

Cover image for YouTube videoSurviving The Abyss Announcement Trailer - Paradox Arc
Surviving The Abyss is an underwater sim set at the height of the Cold War.

The year is 1976. Go on, pretend you’ve got sideburns, a massive ‘tache and some flares on. Twirl your medallion somewhat. You’ve been put in charge of building and managing a deep-sea research facility and the team of oceanlads needed to crew it. While you’re down there, mind popping out a load of clones spliced with whatever weird and wonderful creatures you find floating around? Oh, and weaponise them to use against the enemy, yeah. Just watch out for whatever terrifying beasties are lurking in the dark down there.

This isn’t the only submerged sim that’s entering early access in January, coincidentally. The other is Aquatico, which Graham reported on back in April. That game looks a little less grimdark than Surviving The Abyss, however, and it’s a more general city builder too. Just, y’know, under the deep blue sea. Aquatico bobs onto PC just two days after Surviving The Abyss.

Surviving The Abyss plunges into early access on Steam on January 17th, 2023. Bring plenty of towels.

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