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Suspiria director Dario Argento lends his name to Dreadful Bond

The name's Bond, Dario Argent's Dreadful Bond

Dario Argento, the Italian director known for such horror classics as Suspiria and Deep Red, has lent his name to a horror game. Currently raising funds through Kickstarter, Dario Argento's Dreadful Bond is a first-person spooker which has earned its name by making Argento the "creative supervisor". I hope this is a success so he gets more into games then takes over series currently ruled by other titular men. I'd play Dario Argento's Civilization V. He could revisit his wall-splitting Suspiria days in Dario Argento's Rainbow Six Siege. Dario Argento's Battlegrounds. Dario Argento's Creed Odyssey. A few suggestions there.

So there you are, in a big ol' horrorhouse where something bad has happened and we don't remember. The past comes to life, as you might expect from the genre, but neatly these memories are revisited as shadows cast across the world - captured from performances by real actors. The dev team have also used photogrammetry to scan real-world objects as the foundation for in-game 3D models. Wrap all that up in black and white with grit and contrast and it's an interesting unreal look. Have a peek in the pitch video:

That face bulging out the wallpaper is good too. Horrorhouses are everywhere these days but, if nothing else, this one has some neat-lookin' tricks.

"Dreadful Bond is a project that is very close to my themes, to my films, to my dreams, it has something profound and that struck me immediately," Dario Argento said. "I got carried away by Clod Studio on this new journey..."

While Argento's glory days are far behind him and it's not clear how much he's actually doing here, he's still an interesting name to be involved. You know what else would be interesting with his name? Dario Argento's Pro Skater.

Developers Clod Studio are looking for €60,000 (£52k) on Kickstarter to finish up development. Pledging at least €15 would get you a copy of the finished game. They expect to finish Dreadful Bond by December 2020, though they of course acknowledge it could slide. With 21 days left to go, they're only 20% of their way to the goal.

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