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Do Not Wipeout: Switch Galaxy Ultra Released

Dodge 'em up

If I show you that screenshot up there ↑ and tell you that Wipeout artman Jim Bowers designed the futuristic cities each track races towards, you'll think that Switch Galaxy Ultra is a Wipeout 'em up racer, won't you? Don't, because it isn't. If you're longing for a new Wipeout-y game on PC, keep waiting. Switch Galaxy Ultra [official site], see, is a switch 'em up about jumping your space-vehicle between space-lanes to avoid barriers as you space-zoom along. It'll never be the 1990s again, you know. Folks at Chemical Brothers gigs nowadays brings a folding chair and a flask of Pimm's Winter punch.

Switch Galaxy started on PlayStation Mobile in 2013 then bounced to PS4 and Vita too, and has now arrived on Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam for £5.59 right now.

It's a little bit like Audiosurf but trying to avoid everything, or the Battletoads level Turbo Tunnel seen from behind. As well as trying to get good times by not smashing your ship into everything, you big clumsy fool, you'll want to upgrade your vehicle to go even faster. It doesn't have multiplayer, but does have competition in leaderboards.

Switch Galaxy doesn't look like my bag, but I do like to keep half an eye on Wipeout-related games. (I have many, many eyes to go around.) Speaking of, the crowdfunded Formula Fusion fell on hard times and laid some folks off, but now say they've secured investment to finish it. Anyway! Here's a trailer for Switch Galaxy Ultra:

Cover image for YouTube video

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