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Syndicatering To Desires: Hostile Takeover

ISOMETRIC ASSASSINATION/STEALTH GAME INSPIRED BY X-COM AND FALLOUT. I do believe I just heard the sound of a thousand necks cracking like dry twigs as people walking past their workmates' monitors were drawn to that opening. It was followed by the soupy bubble of eyes bursting from their sockets in an attempt to absorb more quickly the evidence that such a thing is in development. That's the last time I ever write in caps. Hostile Takeover is indeed in development, however, and it might just be deserving of those capital fellows. Onward to videos and information.

Laserbrain Studios, which is not several studios but rather a single man, is behind the game. Christian Knudsen is that man and his work so far looks fascinating in all the right ways, being a sort of isometric, tactical hitman simulator that takes its inspiration from all the right places. The emphasis seems to be on infiltration and meddling rather than killing sprees, with mechanical interactions in place that remind me of Gunpoint's mischief. Simple things like switching off lights and stealing security cards that could create complexity and multiple diversions if they alter routes and reactions.

This is the latest developer diary, although I'm going to share another as well so don't go away!

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Knudsen admits to drawing from Project Zomboid's graphical treatment of the isometric space (which sounds like a really terrible university lecture) but his self-acknowledged "elephant in the room" is AI, which is going to have to be a lot smarter than zombies. The whole game could succeed or fail based on the reactions of targets and ordinary folk alike to the player's attempts at breaking, entering and murdering. There are some ideas related to that shown in the video below, which dates back to January of this year.

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There's lots more detail in the development blog but obviously there are still crucial elements that aren't finished or ready to share yet. Plenty of strong possibilities here though.

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