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Table? Topped: Team Assault Announced

Swedish indie studio Zeal has announced Team Assault: Baptism of Fire, a project we'll be paying attention to in future for three reasons. First of all, the developers have cited the turn-based tactics of Jagged Alliance and X-Com as influences. Second, it looks like a turn-based Men of War. Third, the way it's structured, with players building custom armies using a set number of points, is designed to scratch the exact same itch as tabletop miniatures games. More details and a trailer after the jump.

By customisation, Zeal don't just mean you'll be able to decide on hats and guns (although you will be able to pick out hats and guns). You'll also get to pick how many men are in a squad, their rank (with different levels of commanders giving various morale boosts to men around them), and any "Disciplines" you like, such as marksmen or physical conditioning, with the end result being that you'll be able to come up with flavourful combinations and then share them with your friends.

Sounds good to me. Frozen Synapse was always (fittingly) a bit too frigid and detached for my liking, so this might make a nice fit.

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