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Tactical Breach Wizards shows off a spooky boss fight

Burn-based tacticops

Tactical Breach Wizards is back to show off gameplay from a more updated build than the last video we got a look at. Coming from the maker of Gunpoint and Heat Signature, the modern day wizard cop tactics game looked swell already, but a meatier look at combat abilities is worth pulling over for. It looks to allow for lots of tinkering about with your turns, hemming and hawing over moves as you rewind time to try another option. Also, lots of cop jokes.

In the new video, Suspicious Developments person Tom Francis walks through a couple tutorial levels for the tactical wizard battler, gets into detail about some special moves, and shows off a boss battle with deadly ghost cars.

One character called Witch Cop is a storm mage that pulls off the knockback defenestrations we've seen in previous videos. Her lightning bolts can push enemies back or bounce from one enemy to the next, pushing them each back in a chain. It's meant to work well in tandem with the future-seeing abilities of her buddy Navy Seer. He can set up a line of sight several blocks long as a prepared action that does increased damage if an enemy crosses into his view.

There are other neat details to grab in the video below. Enemies may continue showing up throughout a mission, Francis says, but you'll know when based on whether the emergency light above the door is lit. He says they may also add a way for players to barricade the doors. There's a bit of a story as well, which looks like it will be told as squad dialogue between missions.

The battle against the Traffic Warlock looks particularly neat as it involves a lot of special abilities and enemies. Witch Cop and Navy Seer have to set up several combos to avoid being shot by the Warlock's baddie friends. Sometimes Witch Cop can bounce a bolt off an enemy and into an explosive barrel. Other times, Navy Seer sets up his foresight ability and Witch Cop knocks an enemy back into his zone, granting him a bonus action for successfully scrying the future. It looks like just the kind of quick and compact tactical gameplay I enjoy.

Tactical Breach Wizards will release "when it's done," but you can find it on Steam until then.

Disclosure: one of Tactical Breach Wizards’ developers, Tom Francis, has written for RPS.

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