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We All Float Up Here! Tales Of Cosmos Has A Demo

Pretty much every kid has dreams about being an astronaut. Unfortunately, space-themed games are about as close as we are going to get. Like so many modern adventure games, Tales of Cosmos [official site] was inspired by 90’s classics. There’s a twist, though. Where many of its genre-siblings can be a bit linear, this sci-fi extravaganza features an open world for its spacedog to roam around. And it has a demo on Steam for you to poke at Right Now!

Watch on YouTube

More importantly, it has a dog. A very cute canine astronaut named Perseus the Dog. At least, I assume that's his full name. Why else would Dog be capitalized, eh? Eh. Anyway. Tales of Cosmos will have you directing Perseus and his companion squid-monkey-dude Professor Gagayev through a series of strange, alien worlds. According to the Steam page, you’ll be able to recruit bizarre lifeforms, explore other planets, and "unravel a cosmic mystery." Also meet Napoleon-like ghost things because hey, why not?

Deliciously, Tales of Cosmos comes with modding capabilities, meaning you too will be able to design interstellar adventures of grotesquely epic proportions. Or, just dinking around in this weird, children’s book universe. The full game itself is still under development, with a release date hovering in the general vicinity of 'later this year.' Unfortunately, when that is exactly is still up in the stratosphere. (Haha. See what I did there? Har. Ha.)

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