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Team Dispirit: The Nightmare Cooperative

Single player coop game

If somebody asked you to join a band of adventurers that went by the name The Nightmare Cooperative, you'd be entirely justified to expect the worst. It's the kind of name that would suit a gaggle of professors and investigators on their way to a curious doom at the hands (tentacles, claws?) of Cthulhu. The warrior, mages and the rogues of The Nightmare Cooperative may be doomed but death comes in the form of goblins. yetis and rabid dogs. The game is a clever top-down dungeon crawl puzzler, which I spotted a few months ago in prototype form. Work has been progressing and there's a lovely new art style in play.

The gimmick, as it were, is that the Cooperative are all controlled simultaneously. Each class has a separate ability, which must be discovered through trial and error. The player works out the specifics of each power by observing their effects on the world.

I'm always pleased to see prototypes involving and the smart central idea of The Nightmare Cooperative deserves a broader field in which to play. The prototype is still available and the full version is due 'soon'.

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