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Techno-Logic: ir/rational Redux

A man is trapped in a room with a machine playing a browser game about a man trapped in a room with a machine. The first man, the one who actually exists, then notices that another man wrote about the same game, ir/rational, nearly three years ago. He continues to write about it anyway because it contains nifty logic puzzles, darkly amusing writing from Penumbra scribe Tom Jubert and has been reduxed so hard it looks and sounds brand new. Go try it.

I'm working on a couple of hours sleep here and struggle with correctly 'visualising' phrases turned symbol at the best of times so if anyone could explain the final puzzle to me, either by emailing me or in the comments if it can be done without spoiling things for anyone glancing down under, I'd really appreciate it. I don't just want the solution, I want to understand why my brain refuses to see it.

I kind of want to see how it all ends as well.

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