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Teenage Riot! Mean Girls for PC

While I was away, Jim sent this to me with a "I think this is one for you" attached. Yes, after Princess Maker, Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble and living opposite a girls' school in Bath, I'm RPS' Teenage girl specialist and only a restraining order or chemical castration can stop me. In short, Mean Girls is coming to the PC. How they doing it? It's Puzzle Quest... but with Lindsay Lohan. Clueless and Pretty In Pink to follow. Blimey.

Why I'm actually half-sold in this conceptually beneath the cut.

Well, it's because I actually kinda buy into the explanation given to MTV by Legacy Interactive's Ariella Lehrer, where she claims that while she dug Puzzle Quest abstractly, she couldn't buy into the setting. Of course, the magic of Puzzle Quest was that it was such an extreme collision of genres it didn't make any sense. As anyone who's played it knows, it's literally a light-weight TBS, but every time a combat would normally have happened, we go to a game of Bejeweled, as if a mischevious programmer had cut and pasted something into the code he shouldn't. And it shouldn't work. But it does!

Why not try seeing if the odd closure that linking casual-puzzle games by a narrative allows can work with something even more disparate? Dangerous High School Girls - who I have finished code of, but need to play some more desperately - demonstrated it's not nearly as strange as you may think. Excuted with wit and charm, this could have... well, wit and charm. Or, at least, be a hilarious oddity, which is good enough for me.

They're also following it with Clueless as Jojo's Fashion School and Pretty in Pink as some kind of hidden picture game apparently, both of which sound a lot more limited and less appealing. Clearly pretty in pink should be some kind of graphic adventure where you just have to remember to wear some manner of belt with that dress she makes.

On the bright side, you get to go off with Duckie if you like.

And take it away, Duckie.

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For the record, this is a lot like what happens when RPS hits the dancefloor.

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