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Testing Drive: Ravaged Has A Demo

It was probably about half way through Knee Deep in the Dead that I realised the most ridiculously brilliant of all possible futures would be the one in which first-person games allowed the player to commandeer vehicles. Basically, Blood + Carmageddon. No surprise then that my younger self was absolutely livid when I played Rage last year and complained about occasionally driving a buggy. Seamless transitions between vehicular and on-foot combat have long been desirable, and multiplayer shooter Ravaged looks like it might impress on that front. There's a demo now, so you can find out for yourself. There's also a new trailer below.

Ravaged is out now. £15.99 or £38.99 for a four pack. The full game features eight maps and the demo has two of those, each with its own game mode. One mode is called Capture the Resources and the resources are not a flag but probably weight about the same. The other is called Thrust and tasks each team with capturing control points, which isn't as exciting/novel/disturbing as the name led me to hope.

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