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Tetris Effect's devs have made a weird Lemmings game where you're a dog

There's a demo available now

The next game from the developers of Tetris Effect and Rez Infinite is called Humanity, and it's an action-puzzle game in which you control a Shiba Inu and try to guide crowds of people around obstacle-strewn greybox levels. A bit like Lemmings, maybe, but presumably with a surprising emotional resonance. Watch the trailer below.

Watch on YouTube

I watch this and think: yes, a video game. By which I mean, an aesthetically coherent work in which sound and image and interaction combine to create an experience that no other medium can provide. By which I mean, the sort of game you might show your non-gaming friends and family, knowing that they'd be confused by it but also impressed. By which I mean, the sort of game you might play for the third time at 3am aged 23 and find yourself unexpectedly moved by. By which I mean, an Edge magazine 10.

Or it might be crap, I don't know, but I like the trailer.

"With one simple 'woof', you issue commands to your followers - massive, marching corwds to jump, turn, float, shoot, and climb their way to salvation," says the Humanity site. It really does seem like Lemmings, in that the masses will march gormlessly forwards and its your job to steer them towards each level's goal. There's also a story, in which a rival group of people called "Others" will arrive, and conflict will erupt, and you'll need to resolve it.

The final game will have 90+ levels, a stage creator, a library of user-made levels, and will be playable in desktop or VR modes. If you don't want to wait for its launch in May, there's a time-limited demo you can download from Steam now.

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