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Thar She Blows (Up): Harpooned 2009

Waking up to Radio 4 mentioning of whales - God knows why, I was barely awake - makes it an appropriate day to link to the 2009 edition of Harpooned: Japanese Cetacean Research Simulator. It's basically Moby Dick meets 1942 as Creative Directed by Jonathan Swift. New features? Online scoreboards, capturing protestors and - er - being on the Mac. Man! The videogame incarnation of Comrade Hobbes and my "Japanese Whalers Research Investigates Crucial 'How Many Whales Can We Catch Today' Issue" proto-Onion gag, you can download it from here. Alternatively you can find Whales to hunt here (If you live near Maine). But remember - do it sneakily, as apparetly it's a bit naughty. Footage and tangential music linkage beneath the cut...

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Harpooned 2009 update from Conor O'Kane on Vimeo.

And irrelevantly, friends of RPS The Duloks sing Bad Vegetarian at Maida Vale...

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

Anyone who notes in the comments that Whales aren't fish is incredibly clever, clearly. We admire you. In fact, we probably want to be you.

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