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The 12 (Board)Games Of Christmas: Day One

Ignoring the convention of Christmas's 12 days, Rab Florence is bringing his twelve board game suggestions to you in time for them to appear in appropriate stockings. Here's the first day:

Yes, on the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me an X-WING in a PEAR TREE. Okay, not a PEAR TREE but a BOX. A small box containing an X-WING and a couple of TIE Fighters. And some dice. And some templates. And some cards. And a lot of fucking awesome. (Sorry for the bad language, Santa!)

I've written about The X-Wing Miniatures Game before on RPS, and you can go take a look at it here, but this little update is to let you know that it's STILL great, it STILL holds up and it's probably only going to get better through 2013 as it gets expanded.


It's a Star Wars space battle skirmish game where one player plays the Rebel Alliance and the other player The Empire. You move little plastic ships around on a table, planning your moves in secrecy, and rolling dice to blow the hell out of your opponent. It's a THRILL.


A geek in your family who loves games and loves Star Wars.

Anyone who loves Star Wars but doesn't realise they love games.

A parent with kids of 8 and up who love games. A love of Star Wars is not necessary. This game will create that love.


Any games shop – there's been a Christmas restock of this game. I saw it this very day, in fact. Here's a handy site that lets you find a local game shop.

You can also find it online, of course. But try to support your independents.


The Core Set is plenty. It offers a lot of fun. If you're SURE the person you're buying for will love it, or you have a bit more money to spend, maybe pick up an extra X-Wing or an extra TIE for the card variance. Or buy an extra Core Set for a bigger battle, Or, you could pick up a Y-Wing and a TIE Interceptor so that you have some heavy ships moving around. Or all of the above if you are mad/rich/Santa.


And it's the X-Wing Miniatures Game. What will be next? And who will it be good for? Stay tuned to RPS!

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