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A Gag No More: The 8-Bit WoW Dungeon

Oh, Blizzard and their funny April fool's jokes. Moreover - oh, Blizzard fans and their tendency to turn said April fool's gags into a big deal. This time, someone's actually made one of the gags flesh. Well, pixels. Blizz's 2008 rib-tickler was the promise of a console version of WoW - only it was an Atari 2600. World of Warcraft: The Molten Core would, they promised, offer lush 2D graphics and the ability to move in any of 8 directions. Giggles!

Now Gamer's University have only gone and made the bally thing.

And whaddaya know, you really can move in any of 8 directions. It's 2 player, it's very silly, it has a faintly terrifying degree of attention to detail and it's incredibly difficult. Well, I say that, but I was trying to control both Warrior and Priest myself. I can barely do that patting my head while rubbing my stomach thing, so that was clearly a bad idea. I wiped at the first fight, which was reasonably reflective of my general WoW dungeon experience.

Grab it for no-pennies from here, though be aware it's more an elaborate pun for WoW devotees than a fun time in and of itself.

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