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The Behemoth announce a new Alien Hominid, ageing me tremendously

Blast from the past

Did you know Alien Hominid first appeared on flash portal Newgrounds in 2002? Do you also suddenly feel a sharp pain, as if all your bones had shattered into dust in an instant? Flash games might be dead and buried (for the most part), but one of its most enduring legacies is about to make a screaming, toothy comeback. Only a whole eighteen years after the head-munching rascal's debut, The Behemoth are bringing him back in Alien Hominid: Invasion.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a nice hole to fall into.

The Behemoth revealed a brief teaser in a Game 5 reveal blog post earlier this week. There's not much to go on, but it looks like the wee lad's brought a few more friends this time 'round.

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Christ, that's a flashback. Maybe some of you whipper-snappers don't recall The Behemoth, but if you were kicking about on Newgrounds or the Xbox Live Arcade in the noughties, you'll know their work. Personally, I was always more of a Castle Crashers kid - but the Hominid? I was seven years old when he popped on the scene.

Behemoth are calling Invasion "a reimagination of the original Alien Hominid HD, and will feature completely new gameplay, progression, mechanics, and so much more". It'll eventually launch on PC and consoles, though the devs aren't quite ready to say when.

That's really all The Behemoth are willing to say about Alien Hominid: Invasion for now. But there won't be too long to wait before seeing more of the little yellow bastard's return - they'll be showing it off at PAX East (which I'm not going to) later this month, before taking it across to EGX Rezzed (which I might be going to) in March. The Behemoth should also be posting development updates on their Twitter and Instagram channels. Keep your bulging alien eyes open for more info.

I'd be remiss not to note that the rest of the RPS gang will also be down in London's Tobacco Docks for EGX Rezzed this March. We're not giving away any more tickets - sorry - and we've nothing official announced for now, but there's usually plenty of site antics going on. Talks, panels, streams, and the like. Last year, Nate and the lads made a right ruckus in Leftfield for the RPS Olympics.

We'll announce what we're up to closer to the date, so stay tuned. It'll be a laugh, honest.

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