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The Blizzard MMOFPS?

French games site NoFrag has some rumours about the next Blizzard MMO, which we know has been in development for some time. Blizzard have already said it will be quite different to World Of Warcraft, but could it be a science fiction MMOFPS with some kind of social element? That's what NoFrag's "secret sources" are saying. This is an interesting idea, and totally plausible. After all, people forget that WoW seemed like a risk for Blizzard when they did it originally. The MMOFPS area represents a similar risk: an area that has been dipped into, but never aced. Additionally, that social element. You could see how that might work: life in a science fiction society, where lovable robots and cute aliens can hang out and play Space Chess, but also go on shooty missions. It sounds like a pretty good bet, but the sad thing is we're not going to hear any kind of confirmation from Blizzard for quite some time.

Roll your speculation, people.

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