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FMV Horror-Adventure The Bunker Released

Put on your shell suit

When they first appeared in the skies, you knew what to do. While your family stood in the streets watching the flocks of winged toasters, you ran. When the ground shook to a latin beat, you dug your nails into your palms fighting urges to raise your right arm, your left, flip right hand flip left, to shoulder to shoulder, to head to head, to hip to... Days pass, somehow. You've dodged the shambling shell suits, so far, and are almost- there! There it is, the bunker! Just as the evacuation notice said! You run in, slam the door, turn the wheel, and collapse, gasping. After your eyes adjust to the darkness, you see cameras? Actors you half-recognise? No. Oh no. This bunker is the filiming location for The Bunker [official site]. You're in an FMV game. The Nineties have you now.

That's not the plot to The Bunker, mind. No, Splendy Interactive's The Bunker is about the last remaining survivor in a nuclear bunker where presumably something other than a '90s revival was behind all the troubles. As all games built from live-action video should be, it's a horror-adventure doodad. Here, have a peek:

Watch on YouTube

Yes, that's Adam 'The Hobbit' Brown and Sarah 'Penny Dreadful' Greene - don't you half-recognise them?

The Bunker hit Windows and Mac yesterday. A launch discount brings it down to £13.49/17,99€/$17.99 on Steam. John, our resident FMV game/shell suit/Macarena/general '90s enthusiast, will be telling us Wot He Thinks of The Bunker in a while.

It's FMV a go-go these days. To name but a few, we've got Her Story, Missing, Contradiction, and, coming up, some serious Chuck Tingle erotica. I still sometimes laugh remembering the live-action cutscenes in Roundabout.

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