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The "cut off their limbs" bit of Dead Space is the best bit, so just remake that pls

I think limb-cutting would work on most things, come to think of it

I remember being blown away by Dead Space when it first game out. It's partly the movie Sunshine, partly the movie Event Horizon, and I guess a bit of Alien and a bit of Resident Evil. I just really loved that creeping horror reveal, as you slowly discover that the ship you're on, the Ishimura, is empty and then discover that actually it is not empty at all, which is so much worse.

It was recently revealed that Dead Space is going to be remade "from the ground up" by Motive (who previously did Star Wars Squadrons and Star Wars Battlefront II). I assume this means that it's going to have, just, loads of lightsabers in it, and the main character is now Baby Yoda. My boiling hot take is that they should only really bother redoing that first bit - the cut off their limbs section - because that's the best bit anyway.

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