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The Epic Games Store has loads more exclusives on the way

Which means there are an awful lot of unannounced games incoming

It's been a little while since Epic Games announced a new store exclusive. Some of you may be happier with that than others, given their exclusivity deals have been a little bit cursed previously. However, they certainly aren't slowing down on those schloosies: rather, it seems Epic plans on releasing loads more in the not-so distant future. This weekend, they revealed they have more exclusives than ever arriving on the Epic Games Store over the next couple of years.

"We have more exclusives coming in the next two years than we have published to date," an Epic spokesperson told PC Gamer. They didn't get much more specific than that, but still, that's a helluva lot of games.

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The number of schloosies coming could vary massively depending on what they mean by the term. Sometimes Epic-exclusive means you can't get it anywhere else (like Hitman 3), while other times it just means "not on Steam", but can be found elsewhere too (like The Outer Worlds, which was also on Xbox Game Pass for PC). Even still, it's possible there's a whole heap of games coming to Epic over the next couple of years that have yet to be announced.

The upcoming schloosies we do know about include Darkest Dungeon 2, Kena: Bridge Of Spirits and Chivalry 2, which will all be timed exclusives. Then there's a bunch of Ubisoft stuff, such as Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time Remake, Far Cry 6 and Rainbow Six Quarantine, amongst others (though these technically aren't fully exclusive, as they'll be available on the Ubi Store too).

There's more on the way for the Epic Games Store too. Last month, they released some stats showing the platform's growth. The number of games available on their store grew from 190 in 2019 to 471 in 2020. They also made 103 free games available, and those freebies were claimed a whopping 749 million times. Wishlist improvements, achievement and player profiles are all set to arrive this year as well, which all sounds very nice indeed.

In a statement to PC Gamer, they also mentioned their plans to give developers self-publishing tools to help make the store more accessible to new devs: "Our investment into content is going to continue and multiply as we work toward an open store and launch even more platform features."

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