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Giveaway: 10,000 keys for The Exiled alpha test


The Exiled [official site] attempts to blend MOBA combat with a sandbox MMO. In other words, it's either a MOBA with a huge map and hundreds of players, or it's an MMO with PvP combat and a promise of "no more grind." It's currently in alpha until December 21st and we're giving away 10,000 keys to get in today. You'll find how to enter and a trailer below.

Watch on YouTube

That widget below will dispense your key in exchange for one of three actions: looking at our Facebook page for a moment, following us on Twitter, or following us on YouTube. We like it when you follow us places, basically.

RPS Giveaway: 10,000 The Exiled alpha keys

The keys are limited to one per user and the widget above will close automatically when all the codes are gone.

How to redeem your code

1. Download the game the official site.
2. Un-zip the patcher to a folder of your choice.
3. Run the launcher(.exe) to patch the game client.
4. When done patching click "play".
5. Select your screen resolution and details.
6. Press "Play!" again.
7. In the login screen click "New Account".
8. Pick a user name and password.
9. Now enter your alpha key (copy & paste works) in the "Registration Key" field.
10. Back in the login screen click "login". Your account name and password should be filled in.
11. Enter your email address (twice).
12. Click "Send verification mail".
13. Go to your email inbox and click the confirmation mail in the email from "Fairytale Distillery team".
14. Now go back into the game and you can create your character.

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